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Why Roth Really Is Better

Across financial blogs and social media, there is an ongoing debate about whether it’s best to invest in Roth IRAs/401(k)s or Traditional IRAs/401(k)s.   There are merits for each, and under certain circumstances it may make sense for you to choose one over the other.   But in general Roth is the way to go for the…

Cutting the Cord – Saying Goodbye to Your Cable Bill Without Losing TV

For years I’ve known.   I just never did anything about it.   I knew that I wasn’t getting $80 or $90 of value per month out of my cable bill, or to be more accurate my DISH Network bill.   But that’s how much I was paying.    Every single month.   The vast majority of the shows, movies,…

You Really Should Spend More On Your Credit Cards

I usually avoid clichés like “it takes money to make money.”   But when it comes to using credit cards effectively, that saying captures the situation perfectly.   So long as you have the means and discipline to pay off your balance each month, then you can easily earn 3% or more back in cash…

Financial Independence Through Small Changes And Small Investments

What exactly is financial independence? For many, the concept of financial independence means the ability to retire early, but you can desire financial independence without desiring to retire early. For some, it’s about having the comfort and security of knowing that you have enough assets to weather any unexpected disaster, such as an economic downturn,…

The Simple Way To Start Investing

Over 80% of Americans Have No Way to Invest Their Money — Don’t Let That Be You.     This is a post on how to invest. Some posts on this site will be interesting case studies or engaging stories. Others will be more mechanical as they delve into the workings of investing. This is the…

Welcome to Mr. Financial Independence

Shortly before the 2009 financial crisis, ING Bank frequently aired a set of television commercials asking “what’s your number”?   It showed people of varying ages carrying a large orange dollar figure with them as they performed everyday tasks.   For one person scooting by on a bike, the figure is $1.2 million, for a jogger it…

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